Information for (current or former) students of BITS Pilani

If you are seeking:then
a project (project type course, Professional Practice, Thesis, Dissertation)check out my Projects page
my help with any CSIS Group/Departmental activities (CS Assoc., IS Assoc., ACM Chapter etc.)please email me and get an appointment
my signature on a documentcontact my office (1140-A)
between 9am and 1pm or 2pm and 5pm on a week day. 
AVOID last minute attempts.
a letter of reference/recommendationemail me a request with your name, ID, and purpose of the letter.
Provide for a sufficient turn-around time.
My queue is usually long and my stack is usually overflowing.
adviceplease don't!
(Quote from Dijkstra: Don't give advice to your students - they may listen! End of Quote)

Information for students not from BITS